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  • Antique Map, titled: 'Canada, New Brunswick &c.' - Map of the South-West of Canada. This includes Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Major cities included are Montreal, Ottowa and Quebec. An inset map shows the eastern end of Nova Scotia. The mouth of Lawrence River is shown, as well as Lakes Erie, Ontario and Huron.

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  • Antique print, titled: 'L'Isle De St. Domingue, et celle De Porto-Rico.' - Detailed map of Santa Domingo, Puerto Rico, etc. Includes substantial topographical detail. Includes Eastern Bahamas.

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Tartariae Sive Magni Chami Regni typus.'

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Partie Orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada (…)'

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Carte des nouvelles decouvertes/ Extrait d'une Carte Japonoise de l'Universe' - Map of the West Coast of North America and North-East Coast of Asia, based upon Buache's report of the various Russian Discoveries between 1731 and 1742 including the various explorers routes and notes. The lower map is based upon a Japanese map taken...

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Amerika' - Small map of North and South America.

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Partie de l'Amerique Septent? qui Comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada' - Handsome map of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and the entire course of the St. Lawrence River. The most prominent feature of the map is the very large inset of the 1744 Bellin version of the Great Lakes. The wonderful cartouche features the title on a...

    € 692,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'Carte de la Partie Sud des Etats Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale.' - This map covers the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia in the new United States. All settlement is confined east of the Appalachians with les Cherokees the only note in the otherwise blank region west of the mountains. There are four...

    € 247,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Partie Occidentale du Canada' - A fine example of Rigobert Bonne and Guilleme Raynal's 1780 map of the Great Lakes and upper Mississippi Valley. A map of considerable importance, this chart was constructed during a period of aggressive exploration into this region. Explorers, seeking a 'westward passage' to the Pacific, believed an...

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Carte du Golphe de St. Laurent et Pays Voisins' - Map of St. Lawrence Bay with Anticosti Island, Prince Edward island, Cape Breton Island, Newfoundland and the adjacent mainlands.

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Le Nouveau Mexique, Avec La Partie Septentrionale De L'Ancien, ou De La Nouvelle Espagne' - Fascinating map, showing excellent detail in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Includes a badly misprojected Baja California, as was normally the case with French maps of the period. Missions & settlements shown in the Texas interior....

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Pascaarte vande Noorder Zee custen van America, Vande West-hoeck van Ysland-doorde Straet Davis en Hudson, tot aen Terra Neuf' - Sea chart of Hudson Bay, Labrador, Newfoundland, James, Island and Greenland. Compass roses, loxodromic lines, and ships decorate the oceans and both the title and distance scale are embellished with...

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Carte De La Partie Nord, Des Etats Unis, de l' Amerique Septentrionale' - Detailed Map of the region bounded by New England, Lake Erie, the Allegehenies, Virginia and Maryland. Includes towns, mountain, rivers, lakes, Indians (Mohicans, Tuscarora, Oswingo, Owegi, Conestoga), Forts (Duquesne, Necessite, Anne, Frederic,...

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  • Antique Map, titled: 'Septemtrionaliora Americae a Groenlandia (…).' - Sea chart of the northern waters of North America, including the coast of Labrador and part of New Foundland, the west coast of Greenland, Davis Strait, via a non-existent passage to Baffin Bay and via Hudson Strait to Hudson Bay. The inset gives a more detailed chart of the fishing...

    € 1.947,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Virginia, Marylandia et Carolina (…).' - A very detailed antique map by J. B. Homann of Virginia, Carolina, Maryland and New Jersey, covering the coastline from Long Island in the north to just south of Cape Feare in Carolina with the large fictitious 'Apalache Lacus' in Florida, Maped in ca. 1730. This map is considered to be one of...

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  • Antique Map, titled: 'Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis (…).' - Map of North and South America. Title cartouche bottom left is copied from De Fer's map of 1699 and cartouche containing text (top left) is based on De Lisle's map of Canada of 1703.his edition shows a corrected Western Coastline, with California no longer shown as an island,...

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  • Antique Map, titled: 'Americae Mappa generalis Secundum legimitas projectionis Stereiographiae regulas (…).' - This map is the second issue of the earlier edition by J. B. Homann and shows considerable cartographic detail as well as a general increase in knowledge regarding America’s interior from explorations and colonization. There is no coastline above...

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  • Antique map, titled: 'Partie du Nord de l'Amerique Septentrionale pour Servir a l'Histoire Philosophique et Politique (…).' - Map of the eastern part of North America shows the British colonies confined along the eastern seaboard with French Louisianne and Canada taking up the interior. In the upper left is a series of rivers and lakes purportedly...

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  • Antique print, titled: 'Carte Generale des Decouvertes de l'Amiral de Fonte (…).' - Map of the discoveries of Admiral de Fonte, showing the possibility of a north-west passage. Interesting map of the NW Coast of America and the NE Coast of Asia, based upon Jefferys' map of 1768. Prior to Cook's 1st Voyage, the English, French and Russians were actively...

    € 297,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Nieuwe Kaart van America.' - Very attractive map of North and South America, the western part of Africa and south west Europe. With full contemporary hand colouring.

    € 469,50
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