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  • Antique print, titled: 'Wereld-Kaart na de alderlaatste Ontdekking in het licht gebragt.' - (World map updated after the latest discoveries.) Double hemisphere map with polar projections between the spheres at top and bottom.

    € 1.147,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Mappe Monde ou Carte Generale de toutes les parties du Globe …' - World Map or General Map of all parts of the Globe. Outline coloured map of the known parts of the world.

    € 124,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'Orbis Terrarum Tabula recens emendata et in lucem edita par N. Bisscher.' - Double hemisphere world map, with two small solar system maps (Copernican and Ptolemaic). Four allegorical figures with animals representing Europe, Asia, Africa and America in the corners.

    € 542,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'Mappe-Monde dresse sur les Observations de mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences. Nova Orbis Tabula ad Usum Serenissimi Burgundiae Ducis.'

    € 2.974,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'Nieuwe en Naukeurige Kaart der Gantsche bekende Werreld.' - A double hemisphere world map. Four allegorical figures in the corners represent Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Small arrows indicate the prevalent ocean current. Rare.

    € 2.247,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Carte Reduite des Terres et des Mers du Globe Terrestre.'

    € 247,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Mappemonde ou Carte Reduite Des Parties Connues Du Globe Pour servir au Voyage de La Perouse …. 1785, 85, 87 et 88.'

    € 592,50
  • Coronelli's map of the Old World, dedicated to Jacobo Marcello. Very decorative, colored map with the eastern hemisphere of the Old World. World map in the round up "Tropicus Capricorni" with laterally surrounded degree numbers in the outer edge showing the 12 signs of the zodiac. In the corners with dedications, coat of arms and explanations. With...

    € 3.124,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Geographical Diagram of the Earth' - Geographical Diagram of the Earth, printed on card, adapted for illustrating its movements. The chart shows views of the Earth respectively from the North and South Poles. Placed adjacent to these two terrestrial maps are a series of six diagrams illustrating day and night, the climatic zones...

    € 124,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Planisphaer. Ter. cum Globo Coel et Terr. Sph Armil &c' - Small and very decorative double hemisphere map. California is depicted as an Island with a flat northern coast. Australia includes the western and northern coasts and the discoveries of Van Diemen. There are numerous Pacific islands including much of the western...

    € 692,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'L'Ancien Monde Et Le Nouveau en Deux Hemispheres' - Double hemisphere map of the World, showing the contemporary geographical misconceptions of the late 18th Century. The Norhwest Coast of America no longer shows the Bay of the West, following Cook's explorations, but has not yet been reshaped by the explorations of Vancouver.  The...

    € 444,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Mappemonde en Deux Hemispheres ou l'on a Indique les Nouvelles Decouvertes' - This handsome double hemisphere map presents a view of the physical world with particularly nice detail of the islands throughout the world. Australia is still oddly shaped with a partially delineated southern coastline. Ter. De Diemen is still connected...

    € 469,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'De Werelt Caart' - First state (out of three) antique double hemisphere world map from a Dutch bible by Cornelis Dankerts (Danckerts), engraved by Albert Schut, printed in 1710. This map is the first state out of 3 (with 'tot Amsterdam Nieuwelijks uyt Gegeven door Cornelis Dankerts voor aen de Nieuwendyck in den Atlas met...

    € 2.424,50
  • Antique print, untitled. Double hemisphere from a Dutch Bible published by the Keur family. The map is surrounded by allegorical representations of the continents based on Visscher. The Keur publishing family used Daniel Stoopendaal's world map titled "Werelt Caert" for 70 years in their Bibles. When the plate became worn, Jan van Jagen was commissioned...

    € 1.247,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Wereld Kaart' - Small and very decorative double hemisphere world map.

    € 149,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Hemispherium Orbis Antiqui, Cumzonis Circulis, Et Sity populorum Diverso' - Decorative example of Andreas Cellarius's map of the Eastern Hemisphere, illustrating with climatic zones ranging from Frigida Borealis to Torrida, with planetary details superimposed. The elaborate border includes fine scrollwork, numerous putti, and...

    € 2.397,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Carte Generale du Monde, ou Description du Monde Terrestre & Aquatique / Generale Waereld Kaart, of Beschryving van de Land en Water Waereld' - This is Pierre Mortier's world map drawn on Mercator's projection. It depicts California as an island and the Detroit d'Anian connected by dotted lines through a Northwest Passage to...

    € 1.124,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Nieuwe Kaart van de Noord Pool na de alderlaatste ondekking int licht gebracht' - Map of the Northern Hemisphere and North Pole, which shows the NE Passage, but no definite NW Passage. California is shown as an Island, along with the River systems of North America. Nice detail in the Polar regins, especially New Denmark and...

    € 444,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Typus Totius Orbis Terraquei Geographice Delineatus, Et Ad Usum Globo Materiali Superinducendus' - Beautiful example of Scherer's map of the World, configured in 12 globe gores. California is shown as an island. Fascinating Northwest Passage treatment. Excellent detail in Australia and a nice bit of New Zealand shown, along with a...

    € 1.947,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Proiectio Optica Aequinoctia lis Hemishaerii Orientalis' - Map of the Eastern Hemisphere with Africa, Europe, Asia and Nova Hollandia with the eastern and southeastern coast of Australia uncharted. Relief shown pictorially.

    € 642,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Le Globe Terrestre Representé en Deux Plans-Hemispheres' - Small double hemisphere world map featuring the Island of California and a Northwest Passage. There is little interior detail with only major nations named. Ter. de Jesso appears off the east coast of Asia, Australia is incomplete and still attached to New Guinea, the west...

    € 419,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Repraesentatio Geographica itineris Maritimi Navis Victoriae (…)' - This striking map is presented on a north polar projection and depicts all of the world except the South Pole. California is shown as an island. The map illustrates the remarkable circumnavigation led by Ferdinand Magellan. On the left is an illustration of...

    € 1.647,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'De Schepping der Wereldt volgens de Beschryving van Mozes' - This plate shows the creation of the world according to Moses. The upper depiction shows the world without water ( after Goeree); the lowest depiction shows the creation of sun,moon and stars.

    € 542,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'De Schepping der Wereldt volgens de Beschryving van Mozes.' - Two separate maps on one sheet showing the creation of the world according to Moses. The upper depiction shows the world without water ( after Goeree); the lowest depiction shows the creation of sun,moon and stars.

    € 587,50
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