Antique Word Map by Schenk (1706)

  • Condition: Great condition with later hand-colouring. Please study image carefully.
  • Date: 1706
  • Overall size: 60.5 x 53 cm.

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.. Antique Word Map by Schenk (1706)

Description: Antique map titled 'Diversa Orbis Terrae. Visu Incedente per Coluros Tropicorum, Ambos Ejus Polos, et Parciularis Sphaerae Zenith, in Planum Orthographica Projectio (..) Plat Ontwerp van verscheyde Aert-klooten (..)'. One of the earliest Dutch World Maps to focus on a more modern cartographic style, based on Carel Allard's map of 1696. This map represented a noteworthy shift from the traditional decorative Dutch 17th century maps where the margins would be full of classical mythological figures and references. Here we have a more strictly scientific approach with only a handful of cherubs parcelled in between the two largest hemispheres.

Artists and Engravers: Pieter Schenk / Petrus Schenck ( 1660-1718/19) was born in Germany, but settled in Amsterdam where he first became a pupil of Gerard Valck, the engraver. In 1687 he married Valck's sister and thereafter the Schenk and Valck families were active over a long period with a wide range of interests as print sellers, publishers of books, maps, topographical and architectural drawings and globes. Although they produced some original maps, most of their atlases consisted of printings from revised and re-worked plates originally by Jansson, the Visschers, the Sansons and others.