Antique Map of the World with California as an Island by Keizer & De Lat (1788)

  • Condition: General age-related toning. Original folding lines. Original/contemporary hand coloring, blank verso. Minor wear, please study image carefully.
  • Date: 1788
  • Overall size: 32.5 x 20.5 cm.
  • Image size: 28.5 x 17.5 cm.

€ 477,50($ 561.97 / £ 436.00)

Description: Antique map titled 'De wareld in een ronde gedaante van de Noord Pool te zien - De Wareld verbeeld in de gedaante van een hard'. This interesting composition contains three world maps on the sheet. At left is a northern projection showing all the landmasses. At right is a cordiform projection (heart-shaped). At top is a map of the world as known to the ancients. Both the polar and cordiform projections show California as an island. However, as this map was published at the very end of the controversy over the insular nature of California, the engraver has covered all his bases and shows the island touching the mainland near the center of the eastern coast. Thus it is one of the more interesting depictions of this cartographic myth. This map originates from 'Nieuwe Natuur- Geschied- en Handelkundige Zak- en Reisatlas' by Gerrit Brender à Brandis.

Artists and Engravers: Published by J. Keizer and I. de Lat, 1788.