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Antique marine and maritime prints. Original old prints of boats, sailing ships, vessels and maritime transport. In this category you can also find antique prints of forts and harbours (ports). 

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  • Asia

    Antique print, titled: 'De Stadt Saccai. La Ville de Saccai.' - ('The City Saccai'). This plate shows a view of Sakai in the Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Sakai has been one of the largest and most important seaports of Japan since the Medieval era. On the foreground are many fishing boats and in the background several Castles, a temple, the King's court etc.

    € 322,50 ($ 379.55/£ 294.47)
  • Asia

    Antique print, titled: ''t Ziedende Water van Singock.' - ('The seething water of Singock'). The Christian Japanese from Nagasaki were transported to Arima and horribly tortured and killed. Some were drenched in seething water, others bound to stakes in the burning sun, and other means of torture.

    € 272,50 ($ 320.70/£ 248.82)
  • Maritime

    Antique print, titled: 'Faifena een Japans jacht.' - ('Fayfena, a Japanese pleasure yacht'). The image shows a galley yacht from Japan, here identified as Faifena, Fayfena.

    € 89,50 ($ 105.33/£ 81.72)
  • Landscape

    Antique print, titled: 'Pauromama. Vreugdenberg.' - A view of Mount of Pleasure in Japan. Several boats approach the island harbour from the sea. Several buildings, including one on the very peak of the mountainous island are depicted.

    € 272,50 ($ 320.70/£ 248.82)
  • Indonesia

    Antique print, titled: 'De Ambonsche Hongi of de Coracora-Vloot.' - Hongi or Coracora fleet from Ambon (Amboine). Below the image there is a numbered key (1-66) with the names of the ships.

  • The Netherlands & Belgium

    Antique print, titled: 'De haven van Enkhuysen - Le port de Enkhuysen.' - View of Enkhuizen in The Netherlands. This is an optical print, also called 'vue optique' or 'vue d'optique', which were made to be viewed through a Zograscope, or other devices of convex lens and mirrors, all of which produced an optical illusion of depth.

    € 224,50 ($ 264.21/£ 204.99)
Showing 193 - 198 of 198 items