Het Belegh der Stadt Groningen in den Jaere MDXCIV - Le Clerc (1730)

  • Technic: Original engraving on a verge type hand laid paper. 100% original and authentic.
  • Condition: Good. General age related toning and light to medium soiling. Large tear in middle fold restored and backed by paper.
  • Date: 1730
  • Overall size: 15 x 12,2 inch
  • Image size: 13,6 x 10,6 inch

€ 142,50($ 167.71 / £ 130.12)

Description: Plate : 'Het Belegh der Stadt Groningen in den Jaere MDXCIV '. (The siege of Groningen in the year 1594.) This plate shows the fortified city of Groningen, The Netherlands. With legend.

This attractive original old antique print / plate was published in several works by Hugo de Groot ('Nederlandtsche Jaerboeken' published in 1681.), P.C. Hooft ('Nederlandsche Historien ...', published 1703-1704.), P.C. Bor ('Oorsprongk, begin, en vervolgh der Nederlandsche oorlogen', published in 1680.)or Jean Le Clerc. This print originates from: 'Histoire des Provinces-Unies des Pays Bas...', or 'Geschiedenissen der Vereenigde Nederlanden...' by Jean Le Clerc, 1723-1728 or 1730.

Artists and Engravers: The author of this work is Jean Le Clerc / Joannes Clericus (1657-1736). From Hugenot origin, he studied filosophy, hebrew and theology in Geneva and travelled in Europe. He objected the calvinistic orthodoxie and influenced by Grotius, Episcopius, Van Limborch and others, he moved to Amsterdam, where he became a Remonstrant. He became a professor at the Remonstrant seminary, a writer and publisher.