Antique Print of The Hague by Probst (c.1760)

  • Condition: Fair. Shows wear and soiling. Trimmed and mounted. Blank verso, please study image carefully.
  • Date: c.1760
  • Overall size: 42 x 32.5 cm.
  • Image size: 41 x 27 cm.

€ 228,50($ 268.92 / £ 208.64)

Description: Antique print titled 'Vue de la Haye en Hollande - Prospect von Gravenhag in Holland'. Beautiful view of The Hague, the Netherlands. This is an optical print, also called 'vue optique' or 'vue d'optique', which were made to be viewed through a Zograscope, or other devices of convex lens and mirrors, all of which produced an optical illusion of depth.

Artists and Engravers: Georg Balthasar Probst (1732 - 1801) was a German artist, engraver and publisher in Augsburg.