Antique Print of Tanning (Leather) by Gailer (c.1840)

  • Condition: Fair/good, general age-related toning. Shows some wear and creasing, blank verso. Please study image carefully.
  • Date: c.1840
  • Overall size: 14 x 22 cm.
  • Image size: 9 x 15 cm.

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.. Antique Print of Tanning (Leather) by Gailer (c.1840)

Description: Two images on one sheet depicting tanning. Tanning is the process of treating skins and hides of animals to produce leather. This print originates from 'Neuer Orbis pictus für die Jugend: oder Schauplatz der Natur, der Kunst (..)' by Jacob Eberhard Gailer. Published circa 1840. 

Artists and Engravers: Author: Jacob Eberhard Gailer.