Vue du Bazar de Coupang, Sur l'Ile Timor - Pomel (1825)

  • Technic: Handcoloured etching / stipple engraving on wove paper.
  • Condition: Very good, given age. Some small imperfections (tiny tears and small stains) in the margin edges, well outside of the image area. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.
  • Date: 1825
  • Overall size: 19,9 x 13,5 inch
  • Image size: 10,8 x 8 inch

€ 369,50($ 434.86 / £ 337.39)

.. Vue du Bazar de Coupang, Sur l'Ile Timor - Pomel (1825)

Description: Antique print, titled: 'Vue du Bazar de Coupang, Sur l'Ile Timor.' - ('View of the Bazaar of Coupang, Timor Island'). Several native salesmen and women are gathered around a wounded central figure. There are three natives (including an angry boy) and a European soldier close, while a Europen doctor holds the wounded man in his arms. Source: 'Voyage autour du monde sur les corvettes Uranie et la Physicienne pendant les années 1817, 1818, 1819 et 1820', Paris: 1825. This series of exquisitely engraved prints constitutes a unique documentation of exotic unknown lands and their inhabitants, made during the voyage of the Uranie (in honour of the muse of astronomy and geography). The expedition was led by Louis de Freycinet at the behest of the newly restored French king Louis XVIII and to restore prestige for the French nation.

Artists and Engravers: Made by 'Pomel' after 'J. Alphonse Pellion'. Marie Joseph Alphonse Pellion (known as Odet-Pellion, 1796-1868) was a French vice-admiral. Author: Louis Claude de Saulces de Freycinet (1779-1841) was a French navigator who circumnavigated the earth. In 1811 he published the first map to show the compl