Pl.558 Merle cendre, de St. Domingue. Merle olive, de Cayenne - Martinet (1770)

  • Technic: Handcoloured etching/engraving on hand laid (verge) paper.
  • Condition: Excellent, given age. Small crease in left top. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.
  • Date: 1770
  • Overall size: 32.8 x 47 cm
  • Image size: 18 x 43.4 cm

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Description: Antique print, titled: 'Merle cendre, de St. Domingue. Merle olive, de Cayenne.' - This print shows blackbirds from St. Domingo and Cayenne. Plate 558. From: 'Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux.', (A part of Histoire Naturelle...) by Comte de Buffon, published in Paris from 1770 to 1786. This is considered the most important 18th c. ornithological work, and most the beautiful ed. of Buffon's works, containing 1008 handcoloured plates. 

Artists and Engravers: Made by 'Francois-Nicolas Martinet' after 'Georges-Louis Le Clerc, Comte de Buffon'. Made by 'Francois-Nicolas Martinet' after an anonymous artist. Francois Nicolas Martinet (1725-1804) was a French engineer and engraver. He worked for the court. His work is varried: from illustrating plays and operas to drawing and engraving landscapes, portraits of notables and scenes of court life at Versailles. He lived and worked during one of the most tumultuous times in French history, witnessing the reigns of Louis XV, Louis XVI / Marie Antoinette and the terror of the French Revolution, followed by the ascent of Napoleon. He was the brother of the female engraver Angelique Martinet (c.1731 - c. 1780). Georges-Louis Le Clerc, Comte de Buffon (September 7, 1707 - April 16, 1788). French naturalist, mathematician, biologist, cosmologist and author. Buffon's views influenced the next two generations of naturalists, including Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and Charles Darwin.