Antique Map of the Province of Quito in Peru by d'Anville (1751)

  • Condition: Good, upper and lower blank margin slightly frayed, affecting the engraved text below the map. Lower margin extended with later paper. Small closed tear in right blank margin. Please study image carefully.
  • Date: 1751
  • Overall size: 39 x 62 cm.
  • Image size: 35 x 59 cm.

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.. Antique Map of the Province of Quito in Peru by d'Anville (1751)

Description: Antique map titled 'Carte de la Province de Quito au Perou'. Old map of Ecuador and Peru, with details of the province of Quito. This map covers parts of modern day Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It stretches from Barbacoas, Colombia in the north, south past Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador, into central Peru, and from the Pacific coast into the interior. This map originates from 'Journal du voyage fait par ordre du roi à l'équateur (..)' by Charles Marie de la Condamine.

Artists and Engravers: Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville (1697-1782) was a geographer and cartographer from France. His fame was established through his historical maps, which shows careful accurate work and are based largely on original research.