Antique Map of the Pacific Ocean by Renneville (1702)

  • Condition: Very good. General age-related toning. Please study image carefully.
  • Date: 1702
  • Overall size: 38.5 x 36 cm.
  • Image size: 36 x 14 cm.

€ 168,50($ 198.31 / £ 153.86)

Description: Antique map, untitled. A map of the Pacific Ocean, with the coast of Peru in the right edge and the outline of New Guinea in the left edge. In between are various newly discovered islands, such as Cocos Island and Verraders Eylant (Traitor's Island). This map illustrates the voyage of Jacob le Maire and Willem Cornelisz. Schouten, who found a new passage south of Argentina. An inset map shows a detail of the Le Maire Strait, another shows the coast of New Guinea. Originates from the French edition (translation by Renneville) of Commelin's 'Recueil des Voyages qui ont servi a l'etablissement et aux progres de la compagnie des Indes Orientales, Formees dans les Provinces Unies des Pais-bas.', Amsterdam: Estienne Roger, 1702.

Artists and Engravers: Charles Francois Delamarche (1740-1817) founded the important and prolific Paris based Maison Delamarche map publishing firm in the late 18th century. A lawyer by trade Delamarche entered the map business with the acquisition from Jean-Baptiste Fortin of Robert de Vaugondy's map plates and copyrights and later addes many plates from other sources as well. Charles Delamarche eventually passed control of the firm to his son Felix Delamarche (18th C. - 1st half 19th C.) and geographer Charles Dien (1809-1870). It was later passed on to Alexandre Delamarche, who revised and reissued several Delamarche publications in the mid-19th century. The firm continued to publish maps and globes until the middle part of the 19th century.