Bolzvardia, Stavria, Harlinga, Hindelopia - Braun & Hogenberg (1599)

  • Condition: Very good. General age-related toning. Please study image carefully.
  • Date: 1599
  • Overall size: 50.9 x 40.4 cm.
  • Image size: 44 x 35.5 cm.

519,50 €

Description: Antique map titled ‘Bolzvardia, Stavria, Harlinga, Hindelopia’. Four maps on one sheet. This map depicts the cities Bolsward, Stavoren, Harlingen and Hindelopen (Friesland, The Netherlands). This map originates from ‘Urbium praecipuarum totius mundi liber quartus‘. Latin text on verso.

Artists and Engravers: Georg Braun (1542-1622), a German publisher and Frans Hogenberg issued the famous six volume town book "Civitates Orbis Terrarum" between 1572 and 1618. The volumes originally published in Latin, follow by German and French translations. Franz Hogenberg (1533-1588) was the son of a Munich engraver who settled in Malines. He engraved most of the plates for Ortelius' Theatrum and the majority of those in the Civitates, and may have been responsible for originating the project. Worked and died in Cologne/Germany. He was a prolific copper engraver and etching artist of maps and town views. In cooperation with Georg Braun he created the first four volumes of the Civitates Orbis Terrarum in 1572.