Antique Map of the Elbogen District by Schreiber (1749)

  • Condition: Fair, original/contemporary hand coloring. Strong toning, minor wear. Blank verso, please study image carefully.
  • Date: 1749
  • Overall size: 27 x 19 cm.
  • Image size: 23 x 16 cm.

€ 92,50($ 108.86 / £ 84.46)

Description: Antique map titled 'Der Ellenbogner Creis (..)'. Map of the Elbogen district, Czech Republic. This map originates from 'Atlas Selectus von allen Konigreichen und Landern der Welt' by Johann Georg Schreiber. 

Artists and Engravers: Johann Georg Schreiber, a German cartographer and geographer, was born 1676 and lived in Leipzig. His only work was the Atlas Selectus published first 1740 and reissued 1749. He died in 1745.