Tab.VI Amandel - Knoop (1758)

  • Technic: Contemporary (old) hand colored copperplate engraving on a verge type hand laid paper.
  • Condition: Very good. Small hole in right lower, not affecting image. General age-related toning and occasional light stains from handling. Please study image carefully.
  • Date: 1758
  • Overall size: 9,4 x 13,5 inch
  • Image size: 8,1 x 10,6 inch

€ 164,50

Description: Tab. VI: 'Amandel.' (Almond.) This scarse print / plate originates from a 1758 edition of 'Pomologia' by Johann Hermann Knoop. This is a well-known Dutch work (first edition) on fruit and domestic horticulture. The fruit is named in the image.

Artists and Engravers: Artist: Johann Hermann Knoop (c.1700-1769). Engraved by Jacob Folkema (1692-1767), a Dutch engraver.