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  • Antique print, titled: 'Map of the Germanic Confederate States, including the Kingdom of Prussia.' - Large map of Germanic States including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Switzerland as set by the Act of Congress in 1815.

    € 224,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Archiducatus Austriae inferioris (…).' - Decorative map of Austria, centered on the course of the Danube River and Vienna. Shows the region from Enss and Steyr to Presburg and Altenburg. Title cartouche with scale and coat of arms.

    € 124,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Austriae Archiducatus pars superior in omnes ejusdem (…).' - Spectacular large map of Upper and Lower Austria between Passau and Wien with figurative cartouche and armorial vignette. Printed on two sheets and joined. Published by Pieter Schenk junior from the plate by Nicolaas Visscher. With 2 beautiful cartouches.

    € 1.124,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'Grondtekening van de Stad Geneve (…).' - Plan of the city and fortress of Geneva or Geneve, Switzerland. With 2 keys and scale.

    € 149,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Ducatus Sabaudiae, Principatus Pedemontium et ducatis Montisferrati (…).' - Map of the Savoy and Piedemont regions, centered on Torino. The map coverage extends from Grenoble, Geneva, Die and Romans, to Genoa and Milan. Highly detailed, with excellent graphical representation of the mountains and other topography. Cartouche includes...

    € 714,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Exactissima Tabula, qua tam Danubii Fluvii Pars Superior' - Very finely detailed map covering the region of northern Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The course of the Danube is prominently shown from its headwaters in the Alps to its confluence with the Morava River.

    € 592,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Danubii Fluminus ( a fontibus prope Doneschingam usq Posonium urbem defignati) Pars Superior, in qua Suevia, Bavaria, Asutria, Stiria, Carinthia, Carniola, Tyrolis et Helvetia com magna parte Italiae exhibentur a Ioh. Bapt. Homanno S.C. M. Geographo Norimbergae.' - Map of the Northern Part of Italy, Switzerland, and parts of Germany....

    € 419,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Nieuwe Kaart van Zwitserland.' - Very detailed map of Switzerland illustrating the mountainous topography and locating the major fortified cities.

    € 224,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Accurate Karte des Landes Belgrado, Temeswar und Peterwardeinn da die batalie furgefallen, zwischn dem Keyser und Grossen Turck -den August 1716.' - Scarce map of Belgrado, Temeswar and Peterwardein (Petrovaradin) in Hungary published by J. Ottens in Amsterdam. The Battle of Peterwaradin (Ottomans vs. Austria ) was fought on August...

    € 542,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Helvetiae Conterminarumque Terrarii, antiqua descriptio.' - Miniature map of Switzerland, from the pocket atlas 'Introductionis in Universam Geographiam tam Veterem quam novam .. Acessit P. Bertii (Bertius) Brevarium Orbis Terrarum', by Ph. Cluverius (Cluver).

    € 114,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Moesiae et Daciae, Tabula Contiens una Poloniam, Russiam nigram, etc.' - Miniature map of the ancient regions of Moesia and Daccia. In the northwest is Cassubia and Pomerania. To the southwest is then Poland, Hungary,Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and ancient Illyris. The green area in the north is Black Russia. Further south is Romania...

    € 114,50
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