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  • Antique print, titled: 'Ducatus Uplandiae cum Westmanniae Sudermanniae (…)' - This map shows parts of Finland and Sweden.

    € 444,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Denmark' - A map of Denmark and the direct surroundings (northern Germany, Baltic Sea, Kattegatt and North Sea, south east Sweden).

    € 74,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Europaeisches Russland auch Schweden u. Norwegen, Dabei Uebersicht Des Oesterreichischen u. Preussischen Staats.' - Large-scale map of Eastern and Northern Europe, with focus on Scandinavia and Russia, as well as Prussia and Austria. The area depicted spans from the Caspian Sea to the Adriatic Sea and from the North Sea to the Ural...

    € 52,50
  • 4 Antique prints, titled: 'Plan de Reykiavik.' - set of 4 plates showing plans and maps of Iceland; Plan of Reykjavik - Plan of Skalholt (1784 and 1836) - Plan of the Geysers.

    € 414,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Kaart van het Noorderdeel van Europa, Bevattende Deenmarken, Noorwegen, Zweden, Lapland en het Grootste Gedeelte van Europeesch Rusland.' - This uncommon Dutch edition of Bonne's map of Northern Europe covers the region from Lapland to Russia in the north and Denmark to Kazan in the south. Six distance scales balance the decorative...

    € 124,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Royaume de Danemarq.' - Map centered on Sjaelland and covers all of Denmark and part of southern Sweden where a dramatic title cartouche obscures the interior.

    € 247,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Regni Gothiae, Tabula Generalis, in qua sont Ostro et Westrogothia, Smalandia, Dalia, Vermelandia, Scania, Blekingia et Hallandia, Bahusiae, Prefectura (…).' - Detailed map of South Sweden. Embellished with beautiful title cartouche with scale and coats of arms.

    € 692,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'General Charte von Konigreich Daenemark nebst dem Herzogthum Holstein.' - Denmark with Schleswig-Holstein and the southern coast of Sweden. The large title cartouche is embellished with a fishing net, anchor and casks. Drawn by F.L. Gussefeld and published by Homann Heirs.

    € 297,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'Hydrographia Canalis Marini Inter Angliam et Galiiam de Fluentis.' - Sheet with with two charts of the English Channel, each adorned with beautiful compass roses. The lower chart is inset with a tiny map of the region between Angers and Paris.

    € 252,50
  • Antique map, titled: 'L'Angleterre.' - Map of England by Robert de Vaugondy, revised and published by Delamarche in 1806.

    € 124,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Partie de L'Angleterre East England Antique map Fricx 1709' - Uncommon map of the English Channel coastline with many boats on the sea.

    € 394,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Bowles's new pocket map of the Kingdom of Denmark (…)' - Large map of Denmark.

    € 297,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'A Correct Chart of the English Channel from the No. Foreland to the Lands End' - A handsome and detailed chart of the English Channel with a large decorative cartouche, compass rose and rhumb lines. The inset maps across the top detail the Islands of Scilly, Falmouth Haven, Plymouth Sound and the Isle of Wight and adjacent Harbours.

    € 224,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Herefordshire' - Detailed map of the county of Herefordshire embellished with a decorative title cartouche. Three scales. Imprint of Abel Swale, Awnsham Churchill and John Churchill.

    € 297,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Nieuwe Kaart van 'T Zuider Gedeelte van Groot Britannie behelzende Het Koningryk Engeland (…).' - Attractive map showing the south part of Great Britain; the Kingdom of England.

    € 224,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Nieuwe Kaart van de Eilanden van Groot Brittannien Behelzende de Koningryken Engeland, Schotland en Ierland (…).' - Attractive map showing Great Britain and Ireland. With an inset map of the Shetland islands.

    € 224,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Les Isles Britanniques (…).' - Attractive map of Great Britain surrounded by an engraved border printed from a separate copper plate.

    € 174,50
  • Antique print, titled: 'Nieuwe Kaart van het Koninkryk van Deenemarken (…).' - Attractive detailed map showing Denmark and a part of Sweden and Germany. Title in block-style cartouche with a simple compass rose.

    € 224,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Regionis quae est circa Londinum specialis repraesentatio (…).' - Very detailed map showing the area from Essex to Surrey and shows a lovely view of London with a high level of detail, stretching from Old London Bridge and Docklands to the farmlands in the west. The London view is uncolored as issued.

    € 1.147,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Magnae Britanniae pars Meridionalis in qua Regnum Angliae (…).' - Detailed map of England and Wales by J. B. Homann, ca. 1720, based on Visscher's map of 1695, delineating counties and showing the boundaries of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. The map is decorated with a beautiful cartouche surrounded by angels and the British coat of...

    € 419,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Insula Danicae in Mari Balthico sitae (…).' - Map of the Danish islands situated in the Baltic Sea by J. B. Homann, (after J. Hübner's map of the region ) with great figure and superb coloured title-cartouche with views on Copenhagen, Malmö, Cronenburg etc.

    € 347,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Regni Daniae in quo sunt Ducatus Holsatia and Slesuicum Insulae Danicae Jutia, Scania Blekingia (…).' - Map of Denmark and islands,a part of Sweden and Germany, drawn by Johann Huber, published by Homann Heirs in ca. 1730, Nuremberg. The map notes fortified cities, villages, roads, bridges, forests, castles and topography. The...

    € 369,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Accurate Carte der Upländischen Scheren mit der Situation und Gegend umb die Konigle Schwedisch Haupt und Residentz Stadt Stockholm.' - Map of the area east of Stockholm, embracing the area to the island Ljusterö on the north and Värmdö. with two panoramic views of Stockholm below. The views are uncolored as issued. Large decorative...

    € 642,50
  • Antique Map, titled: 'Magnae Britaniae pars septentrionalis qua Regnum Scotiae (…).' - Superb map of Scotland including the outlying islands. The map is filled with minute detail and hundreds of place names. Superb title and distance scale cartouches surrounded by mythical figures, putti and the royal coat of arms. The cartouches have tasteful later hand...

    € 862,50
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