Geographiae Sacrae Tabula, quae Totius Orbis Partes Continet - Sanson (1683)

  • Condition: Very good, given age. Original folds, as issued. Please study scan carefully.
  • Date: 1683
  • Overall size: 33 x 22.2 cm
  • Image size: 28.1 x 19.5 cm

€ 154,50

Description: Map of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Holy Land. With an inset map of the location of the Israelites in the desert. Originates from Sanson’s 1683 edition of his atlas.

Artists and Engravers: Nicholas Sanson (1600 - 1667) and his descendents were important French cartographer's active through the 17th century. Sanson started his career as a historian where, it is said, he turned to cartography as a way to illustrate his historical studies. In the course of his research some of his fine maps came to the attention of King Louis XIII who, admiring the quality of his work, appointed Sanson 'Geographe Ordinaire du Roi'. Sanson's duties in this coved position included advising the King on matters of Geography and compiling the royal cartographic archive. Sanson's corpus of some three hundred maps initiated the golden age of French Cartography.